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Writing Prompt -
Write a Story that starts at the end.;
Finish that Story so that it ends at what would have been the beginning.



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    Rules Empty Rules

    Post by Admin on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:28 am

    The Write Life
    Rules of Conduct

    1. All usernames must be appropriate to be read by young users.

    2. Use of coarse language should be limited in the Community forums because this area of the site is for use by all users. Writing which utilizes large amounts of foul language and/or the infamous "f-word" needs to be appropriately labeled and rated for language.

    3. For the Writing forums all topics must be rated (G, PG, etc). Fiction works which are PG-13 or higher must be placed in the Rated Fiction section. Content warnings as applicable should be placed before the bulk of the work.

    4. Avatars may be up to 200x200 in size and must contain appropriate imagery. Signatures may be words or images up to 500x200.

    5. All content is the property of their respective owners. Members will at all times respect one another, even while offering constructive criticism on a work. Plagiarism will result in banishment.


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