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Write a Story that starts at the end.;
Finish that Story so that it ends at what would have been the beginning.

    Scenes from a Hat


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    Scenes from a Hat  Empty Scenes from a Hat

    Post by christopher.lester on Thu May 23, 2013 2:31 am

    • The coffee shop was dull until…
    • How to Be a Proper Mad Scientist
    • Being Nathan Fillion
    • A Killer Toupee Stalks Its Next Victim
    • Batman’s Bad Day
    • The Worst Bakery in the World, What is it Like?
    • The Most Unorthodox Teacher at a Parent/Teacher Confrence
    • Planning the Perfect Murder
    • A Conversation with Your Future/Past/Alternate Self
    • A Woman Enters with Bad News
    • A Loud Noise Comes from Behind a Locked Door
    • A Gift is Delivered
    • Information is Gathered from an Old Book
    • It Starts to Rain
    • Someone Screams
    • Car Runs Out of Gas/Electricity Goes Out
    • Someone has a Secret
    • A Naked Guy Wearing a Sombrero Sitting on a Couch covered in Plastic
    • A Pair of Bloody Severed Feet Sit Alone in a Prison Cell
    • A Woman Hanging by One Arm from a Tree Branch
    • A Taxi Filled with Jello and the Driver in the Trunk
    • The Orange Haired Clown Cowers in the Corner as the Children Approach Him with Bats and a Cake Covered Knife
    • I’m in the Grass in the Meadow and the Mountain had Great Trees and There are Movies
    • There are a lot of Curtains
    • My Cascading Hair Fell in Long, Unfolding Accordion-like Waves into the Rushing River, Carrying Me with It.
    • The Race Car Driver Unbelted His Seatbelt with His Left Hand and Climbed Out His Window to His Left While the Car Careened Down the Race Track.
    • Two People Began to Walk up the Downtown Street and Into a Dilapidated Warehouse.
    • After the Street Pavers were Finished a Huge Sinkhole Suddenly Appeared Where They had Previously Been Standing.
    • The Cat Walked the Fence Line , Crazily Teetering All the Way Until he Falls Over into a Bucket of Water. What did that Cat Drink?
    • The Woman Stood Next to Her Small Child Ready to Defend Them from the Government Workers there to Euthanize Him.
    • The Girl Gasped When She Saw the Man Hanging Limp from a long Rope Tied to a Tree. He Had Been There for Days…
    • He Waited Nervously at the Restaurant, His Fingers on the Ring Box. Will She Ever Come? He Thought to Himself.
    • The Mother Lovingly Placed the Scapula Around Her Son’s Neck. She Straightened his Collar and Sent Him Off to School.
    • A Child Sits on the Edge of a Dirt Road.
    • Joe Wasn’t Entirely Sure What the Cat Dragged In.
    • That Wasn’t Karen’s Reflection in the Mirror.
    • The Sounds of “Help Me, Please Help Me” Drifted Through the Silent Streets.
    • Becky Didn’t Care for the Expression on the Stuffed Clown’s Face.
    • Everyone Knows that Bob’s has the Best Coffee in Town.
    • The Door Labeled 306 wasn’t in the Hallway Yesterday.
    • The Lights Went Off Right Before He Finished Speaking
    • Alice Knew Better than to try Raising the Dead.
    • When the Sirens Stopped, Jeff was Nowhere to Be Found.
    • Pizza Delivery Guy Whose Car Breaks Down
    • A Man’s Reflection Comes Alive
    • Famous Musician Doesn’t Want to be Famous Anymore
    • Someone gets Transported to the Distant Future
    • Humanity Evolved into a different Species
    • What Happens After the World Ends? Who Cleans Up?
    • A Young College Student is Followed Home by a Large Dog. Strange Happenings Begin to unfold at His/Her Apartment Days Later.
    • A Disaster is Set at a Military Graduation Which Prompts the Birth of a New Superhero.
    • A Young Swordsman has a Mystical Encounter with a Talking Snake.
    • A State Park in the Rockies is Terrorized by a Vicious Lone Wolf (Jaws)
    • A Small Good Deed at a Haunted Location Prompts a Friendship /Partnership Between a Young Teenager and a Ghost.
    • A Brother-Sister Duo Whom can Shapeshift Fight Crime in Their Home Town.
    • The Prompts of a Young Writer Come to Life.
    • The Window Blew Apart from the Force of the Blast. Shards of Glass Imbedding Themselves in the Monstrous, Pulsing Heart.
    • Sunlight Pierced Through the Veil of Fog in A Single, Pointed Shaft Illuminating the Golden Ring of Truth.
    • He Stood Over the Grave, One Hand Lightly Trailing Over the Headstone. “I miss you.” A Female Voice Whispered in His Ear, “I Know.”
    • A zombie gets Loose in a Department Store After it is Closed for the Night and it is Up to the Night Guard to Kill/Stop It.
    • An Old Woman Goes Up on a Hot Air Balloon to Check it Off Her Bucket List and She has a Front Row Seat to the Apocalypse.
    • A Hotel Land Line Phone Rings with a Wake-up Call, But the Phone isn’t Plugged In.
    • A Detective’s Best Friend is a Cutthroat Reporter. The Detective Learns a Life-altering Truth and She Struggles about Whether to Tell Her Friend (Lover?)
    • A High School Student is Hired by a Vampire to Pass Messages Between Agents of Darkness.
    • A Space Ship Appears Above an Elementary School. THE WORLD PANICS!!!
    • A Dog Barked in the Distance/Nearby
    • The Temperature (in the Room) Turned Frigid.
    • Boop!
    • The Door Swung Open.
    • The I/He/She Woke Up
    • And Everything was Blinding Pain
    • I/He/She was so [Mood, Emotion], I/He/She Couldn’t Utter a Word
    • I/He/She Couldn’t Look Away from Her/His Shoes.
    • A Bright Streak Appeared in the Sky
    • The Doorbell Rang
    • He/She was Wearing an Unusual __________.
    • I/He/She Received a Sudden Blow to the Back of the Head.
    • “I have Very Bad News for You.”
    • Something was Missing.
    • The Car Came to a Screeching Halt.
    [Generated from Chuck Wendig’s Site]
    • A Discontented Night Owl is Trying to Restore an Ancient Kingdom.
    • A Well-fed Gambler is Hoping to Undo the Terrible Tragedy He has Wrought.
    • A Conniving Ferryman is Being Assaulted and Pursued by Mysterious Demonic Spirits.
    • A Humble Watchman is Trying to get a Date.
    • A Nosy Peddler is Planning the Heist of the Decade

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