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    Because Mel has been unable to make it to group


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    Because Mel has been unable to make it to group Empty Because Mel has been unable to make it to group

    Post by randoMELity on Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:56 am

    Heya, lovelies!

    I miss you peeps!

    So, as Tina has relayed, my work schedule has not been conducive to being able to attend any of the group meetings. I'm hoping this may change as everyone at my work is currently "bidding" for new schedules for the fall season (idk; seems like something they do every so often).

    As for how the new job is going, should anyone be interested, it's going pretty good! Looots of hard work. (And not a bad amount of eye candy, but that's besides the point.) I'm working for a company called DGS, who are responsible for doing the 'below the wing' work for Delta. We're the folks who handle the luggage and cargo, direct planes, deice airplanes in the winter, and stuff like that. The people on the ramp in brightly colored vests? That's us.

    So far, I have gotten a tanned face and arms and enough of a muscle workout to start feeling it. >.- Also, I have come to the conclusion that the ramp is the perfect setting for a horror story, or an episode of Supernatural. (And let's be real, folks, why not both?)

    In other news, school for my B.S. in Advanced Imaging starts next week, so I'm going to be busier than I've, like, ever been. So, I assume. My memory kinda stinks. Could be I just don't remember ever being so busy before. Razz

    Anyhow, gotta go do my orientation for the program and spend waaay more on books than I really want to. :S

    Once again, miss you, folks! And I'll see about catching up on some reading here, soon. (Yeah, I laughed, too.)


    Because Mel has been unable to make it to group Melseal2

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